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- Dimensions: 4.25"H x 4.25"W x 1.5"D, weight: .1 lb.
- Materials: 18oz Waxed Cotton Canvas, Cotton Binding, Leather Belt Loop and Solid Brass Snaps.


There’s nothing fancy here, just a pouch done right with rugged waxed canvas, a brass snap closure, a big leather belt loop, and sized-just-right design.

This belt pouch is made to fit a sharpening puck like a glove. The true value is in the quality. Frost River takes their ages old raw materials and craft a belt pouch that won’t disappoint. When you don’t need to keep a sharpening stone on hand, it’ll work great to carry other objects on a belt. Like what? Well, how ‘bout a compass and signal mirror? Or a first aid kit for cuts? There’s space for a couple shotgun shells or a reload for a sidearm, some (but likely not all) multi tools could fit, a tin of airgun ammo or even an energy bar or two.

The pouch is reminiscent of a US- G.I. compass pouch. Frost River's has a better belt loop though. They use leather for the loop, and size it to accommodate the biggest belts around (it even works with our padded waist belt). The arrangement rides flat along the waist and provides a bit of wiggle room for relief, should you get hung up one way or another. There is also a slim gusset along the sides to allow just a bit more capacity than the envelope style GI compass pouch.